Saturday, January 5, 2008

Photos from infamy

During the course of the great 2007 chicken controversy here in Missoula, many reporters visited our chicken facility to take photos and interview us. One of the best videos (in my opinion) was done by Anne Medley at

That video, if you missed it, is really funny. View at

Anne was also kind enough to send me her favorite still shots so I could post them on this blog (she took a long time, but hey, we are all busy people!). I think she caught some really nice chickens-in-autumn photos, many of which have a sort of comical bent to them. Here are my favorites. These are all by Anne Medley, not me, and were taken in early November if I recall correctly.

1) Beldar is soooo regal
2) Biggie would like to know if the camera is edible, please
3) Tweedy, Rosie and Biggie bunch up for a group shot
4) Rosie considers her nesting box with care
5) Littles makes a quick getaway from the coop