Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Selecting appropriate chickens

I've been carefully researching the breeds of chickens available in this area, and what is best for the rugged Montana winter. I am so excited with the breeds I have found- lots of neat plumage patterns. My favorite chicken breed that is inexpensive and very appropriate for a small, backyard flock is the Barred Plymouth Rock, as seen in this lovely painting I found at the Murray McMurray Hatchery mail order chicken website.

Of course, when I buy the chicks from the feed store, they won't look like that. They will look like this:

Ooooh they are so cute! I think I might post another couple breeds that I like in the future.

A quick test of blogging abilities

In order to test my photo posting capabilities, I will inaugarate the blog with a cute photo that is not of a chicken. However, you may notice that it is, indeed, a photo with a bird in it.

I am starting a goofy chicken blog

I've been thinking about getting chickens for about two months now. OK, maybe three months. After telling a whole bunch of people this, I've been amazed that the response from virtually everyone has been, "That is so cool! I wanna see them!"

Admittedly, I did get confused silence from one friend, followed by a very serious declaration that, "Chickens smell really bad."

Matt is getting excited as well, and I'm happy about that. I think it is mildly crazy that I've started a blog, but it might be fun for everyone to watch the chickens grow up and romp around the backyard.

I want to encourage my friends everywhere to comment, ask questions, and generally visit as they see fit. I hope it will keep your momentary lapses of concentration at work that much more entertaining.