Tuesday, February 26, 2008

New website! and a photo

I've been seriously slacking off with this blog. Inexcusable. Almost two months without a decent post!

I have excuses, but... whatever.

For one thing, Matt and I have now finished our fun project to create an informative website on keeping chickens in Missoula. I got the approval of a local sustainable non-profit, called MUD (Missoula Urban Demonstration) to use their website as a host for the chicken website. Thanks also to my friend Julie who helped me think of a few extra things to include.

To see the new website, now public, go to;

Additionally, now that the snow is melting, the chickens are willing and permitted to terrorize our property. The melty slushy mess makes for good chicken tracks, so I took a photo late this afternoon. As you can see, as I took the shot the chickens came by to investigate. I think that is Biggie's chest in the corner, and I'm fairly sure that is one of Mrs. Tweedy's toes in the top of the photo.

Lastly, I just want to memorialize my friend's two chickens that got attacked and killed by their neighbor's cat. They were good chickens, friendly and fluffy. One was a good egg layer, and the other one had a fabulous personality and amazing feathers. We'll miss them dearly, and I was so sad to hear of their loss. RIP, two hens.