Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Laying eggs

Our hens are laying eggs like they are going out of style. We've had many, many 6 egg days and our 4 egg days seem to be rarer and rarer. The eggs are also getting larger, which is something I read would happen as the hens became more mature and adultlike. At 5 or 6 eggs a day, we have already reached 3 dozen eggs in the fridge twice in three weeks. Luckily, we've been able to give them to friends without complaints.

One of the eggs that was laid this week is absolutely huge. It doesn't really fit in an egg carton socket properly because it is so immense. This egg entertains me. It seems to have been laid by a Rockette, but of course we are not sure which one. I told Matt he is not allowed to eat it until we take a photo of it. Also, we have bets placed on whether or not it contains two yolks.

Not having the camera has been seriously cramping our blog-style. The camera returns this week from its little "vacation" in Boise for the last three weeks, and I am really glad. The hens have done so many ridiculous things that we were unable to document since we got home from New Zealand. Mostly they concentrate on destroying one of my tulip beds (AAAaaaaaarg) but also they do cuter, funnier things.

Also, the hens are all grown up. You won't believe how beautiful and fluffy they are! I promise I'll do glamour shots ASAP.

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Kelly said...

Hi! I just found your blog browsing around. I am always looking for fellow chicken fanciers. I call myself a chickenaholic...cause I can never have just a few...I got chickens, started out with layers, about four and a half years ago, and let me tell you, the hobby kind of exploded! LOL I keep a journal about all my chicken goings on, from poultry shows to breeding and hatching my chicks to keeping them. Hope you will stop by and see me! I started out with 5 buff orpingtons, and well, now I have over a hundred at times. I had a journal for two years, started it out from the very beginning of having chicks, but it locked up for months, so eventually I had to delete it. I included my new journal site.