Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Winter is for the birds

We have discovered that wet snow likes to stick to the anti-hawk netting. Thwacking the netting with a leaf rake helps, but nothing short of a thaw will cure the problem. This photo was taken at around 6am, pre-dawn, when the hens are still locked safely away in their henhouse.

The hens seemed baffled by our sudden snow storm. Do we go out into that white stuff? Should we eat it? Should we stand in the freezing cold water dish? OK, only Beldar seems to think that standing in the water dish when it is 20 degrees out is a good idea.

Biggie, being the dominant hen and the explorer of all things new, was the first to venture out of the warm and well lit henhouse into the cold, cruel, snow filled world. She immediately headed into the chickenport, where she could hang out in the dry hay and stare into the snowy world from comfort. The second photo was taken around 7:30am, when the light is still faint in our backyard but the chickens and dog are intent on being awake.

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