Friday, June 22, 2007

Over two dozen!!!!

Summer is officially here, and it gets dark around 9:45pm. You are probably not surprised to hear that our veggie garden is doing extremely well these days. Matt and I decided not to let a one month (August) adventure away from home prevent us from having the best garden we've ever had. Last year the wedding prevented us from fully realizing our garden's potential (failure to plant potatoes, with both Irish and Polish heritage, is almost a cardinal sin). This year, we planted weeded, tilled and mulched like crazy people.

This year everything is going according to plan. From broccoli to zucchini, if it grows in Montana, we are growing it. Yesterday I did the first big harvest of our incredibly awesome strawberry patch.

Over two dozen!!! Fooooooooled yoooooou!!!

Still no eggs. EggWatch 2007 is officially on.

1 comment:

V said...

Ha ha, love the strawberries in the egg cartons. I bet you are so ready for EGGS!
I am very jealous of your garden. That is going to be me next year if it kills me. Somehow, some way. :)