Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Take the Chicken Survey

The Missoula City Council and the Urban Fowl Subcommittee have built a little survey to gauge public opinion on the chicken issue. If you live in or near Missoula, you are hereby encouraged to take the survey!


Also, FYI, here is the latest from our "farm" reports...

They are laying in the boxes! I haven't seen any eggs anywhere else. I can't really tell who is laying, Beldar may not be. I got 4 eggs today, 1 lg. brown, 1 small brown, 1 small-med brown slightly white speckled (only if you look closely), and 1 blue. Yesterday I think there was 2 small brown and I think the rest of the brown all varied in size... I'm enjoying your farm...!

Awesome. This suggests that everyone but Beldar is laying regularly. She was expected to be a late bloomer (she is more for show and amusement, less for egg production) so that is not a problem.

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Shari Thomas said...

Good to see you're getting eggs. We're about 3 weeks behind you.

Also glad to see you're taking on the city council, and actually making progress. When they finally understand the desire to keep things local, you'll win.

With chickens, you get eggs, meat if you want it, awesome fertilizer, and hours of enjoyment. That's a pretty huge payoff for a few bucks in chicks and a hen house.