Wednesday, August 22, 2007

We return!

We returned to 7 happy hens, 5 fresh eggs, and this in my email;

One of your chickens is a mutant. Well, beyond the obvious one. A brown egg laying chicken produced a very long egg, unusual in appearance. What was much more unusual- when I cracked it open, out popped....TWO yolks!! Creepy siamese twin chicks.
What is in your water?

Gotta love our housesitters. Thanks ladies and gentlemen!!!

More later.


Jennifer said...

"Beyond the obvious one" - is that a reference to odd-looking Beldar, or odd-behaving Pot Pie?

Also, have you ever wondered if maybe it was *naming her* Pot Pie that made her odd?

MissoulaChick said...

I am quite sure it is a reference to Beldar. With age and maturity, Pot Pie has become a very "normal" acting chicken (even if she does have funny feathers growing straight off her cheeks).

Beldar at this point is not only odd looking, but extremely odd behaving. I'll discuss this in a later post.