Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Tweedy's limping!

Poor Mrs. Tweedy! We don't know how or why, but sometime in the last two days she has hurt her leg. Both Matt and I have inspected her for injuries and failed to figure anything out, which is puzzling. She is still her aggressive, large, fluffy self- except that she is limping when she walks. Also, today she has been sitting on the ground (probably because standing is uncomfortable) which made me very nervous.

I hope she is OK soon. Matt replaced all the shavings in the coop today to make it fluffier and softer for her, so maybe that will help. With a sore leg she probably can't jump up onto the night roost, so I think she's sleeping on the floor. I really hope she gets better soon. There is nothing sadder to watch than a limping hen slowly walking across the hen yard.

Of course, she is still laying huge eggs. It is in her genes- I hope at least she is proud to keep that hard work up under such strain.


Sinclair said...

My chicken began limping 3 days ago as well. No sign of any disease or injury. She is only 3months old, so not laying yet. Hope Tweedy gets better!

Anonymous said...

Cholesterol medication!!?? Haven't you heard: eggs have the all clear and you are now encouraged to eat them. I eat loads of our chickens' eggs and my cholesterol check last year was so good that my doctor started buying our eggs.