Sunday, May 6, 2007

Profiles: Rosie

Rosie is a Silver Laced Wyandotte, which is a breed from Wisconsin. She is an Aries- she likes long walks in the run, earthworms, and being held in a firm but gentle fashion. As a Wyandottes she is destined to be plump and attractive with white "lacing" that will decorate every one of her feathers. Wyandottes are supposed to have compact, flattened combs, but Rosie is not "breed standard" and instead she has a single comb. This means that her comb is taller and more fingery-looking than it is supposed to be. No matter- she is beautiful to us!

Rosie doesn't like to be picked up, but once you have gotten her in your arms she soon starts to coo and chatter quietly, and she very rarely struggles to be put back down. In this photo, she is inspecting my fingers as she perches nicely on my arm. She likes cheddar cheese, noodles, and cooked white rice. She doesn't nip like a certain other chicken (bad Mrs. Tweedy!!!) but instead delicately plucks food in a very dainty and (true to her midwestern roots) polite manner.

When Rosie was a little bitty fluff ball, she had reddish feathers on her head. That is how she got her name. Now that she is an adult, she has lost these colors and instead we tell her from Zippy by Rosie's single comb. What is kind of funny is that the formal name of Zippy's comb type is a "Rose" comb. So Zippy has a Rose Comb and Rosie has a Single comb. EEEeek! Don't sweat it. Zippy's comb is sleek for better aerodynamics, while Rosie's is more perky and cute.

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Peggy said...

"Rosie" is a very special name to me, given to a dog we no longer have but miss immensely (she was very, very special), so of course your chicken Rosie has become my favorite. Hope you will keep posting about her!