Thursday, May 10, 2007

Profiles: Zippy

Zippy is the other Silver Laced Wyandotte. She conforms to breed standard, by which I mean that her comb is a squishy little flattened blob. This is good in cold weather because it minimizes the chances of getting frostbite on the comb. Pot Pie is the only other chicken with this kind of comb- Rosie should have had this kind but, well, she doesn't.

In this picture, it is Rosie in the foreground, Zippy to the back right, Pria in the middle left, and you can just see Beldar's poof behind Rosie's tail. The Wyandottes tend to stick together and are a bit shy, which might relate to the fact that the Rockettes are kind of bossy while Mrs. Tweedy and Pot Pie are very... Jay and Silent Bob.

Zippy doesn't really like to be held as much as Biggie and Rosie. Really, Zippy just likes to run around and eat stuff. She is a plump, vigorous bird. She actually clucks, and said, "Ba- Caaawk!" the other day. I was really proud of her.

The feathering on the Wyandottes is really gorgeous. They should be very good layers of large light brown eggs, and the Wyandotte breed is specially prized for quality cold-weather egg laying. They were bred for egg production in Wisconsin, and that is why they are big plump birds with frost-bite resistant combs and a high tolerance for cold winter nights.

Speaking of cold winter nights- look at my tulips!! Spring is sooooo here.

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