Saturday, May 12, 2007

Tweedy: 2, Lucky: 0

Lucky is very interested in the chickens, and the chickens like to come over to him (from the other side of the fence) and say hello. It is kind of cute, and Lucky seems to enjoy it seeing them get that close to him.

Mrs. Tweedy has become a very aggressive and accurate "pecker" lately. She is getting to the point now where I cannot trust her enough to give her a piece of cheese with my fingers. She has bitten me often enough, and hard enough, that I really think she is doing it on purpose. None of the other chickens bite, although occasionally Biggie will accidentally grab your finger in a quest for a treat. There is a crucial difference between Tweedy and Biggie, though. One does it hard, every time, and the other does it fairly gently and very rarely.

Back to Lucky Dog. So today Lucky was sitting next to the chickens, whining quietly and sniffing at them, and Mrs. Tweedy and Biggie walked up to him. Biggie looked at him, tilted her head, thought for a while, and walked away. Biggie's Assessment: Big fuzzy black thing is not edible. Mrs. Tweedy did the same, except then she pecked him- hard- on the nose. Lucky was startled, and Mrs. Tweedy ran off a few feet. Matt and I laughed. Then, Mrs. Tweedy walked back over to the fence. Lucky, again, was sniffing and so forth right towards Mrs. Tweedy. Matt and I were watching, fascinated. Would she peck him again? Does somehow he deserve it this time? Then, she pecked him really really hard in the right nostril. Lucky jumped and sort of half snapped at her, but she was off and running, clearly triumphant.

I think Mrs. Tweedy is going to end up teaching Lucky that he cannot, and will not, mess with chickens.

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