Thursday, April 26, 2007

Addendum to Mrs. Tweedy and Pot Pie

As my sister pointed out, I did neglect to include forecasts of egg production for Mrs. Tweedy and Pot Pie.

Mrs. Tweedy is a Rhode Island Red, which is a breed well known for huge egg production in quality and quantity. She is expected to lay an egg every day for about eight or nine days, and then she'll take one day off. Then the cycle repeats. If she lives up to breed standard, she should produce the largest, brownest, and most plentiful eggs of all our chickens. This is one of the reasons I'm not too worried about her being stunted- she has a long way to fall before she would be less productive than say, Beldar. Technically, her breed is classified as "prolific" layers.

Pot Pie is an Americauna, or possibly an "Easter Egger." Both these breeds are actually mixes of several breeds that pretty much always include Aracana bloodlines from Brazil. As a mix, it is hard to say what she'll lay. Most likely, her eggs will be either pale olive, or pale teal-blue in color. They will be bigger than Beldar's, but smaller than Mrs. Tweedy's. Pot Pie should be a pretty good layer, but she isn't a "production" chicken like the Rockettes or Mrs. Tweedy so we expect her to lay eggs for about four or five days before taking a day off and starting over. Her breed is classified as a "good" layer.

The official laying classifications go; poor, fair, good, very good, prolific. Beldar is a "poor to good." We are hoping she is an overachiever.

Hope that fills you all in. I'll profile Biggie Rockette tomorrow.

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