Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Girls... all I really want is girls

The boys (Lucky and Matt) are gone for the week and all the feminine energy around here is fabulous. My fears for Biggie Rockette are still there (why does she always look so perky and alert? And those short tail feathers? Hmmm....) but the rest of the older chicks are still looking hen-ish and also quite fabulous. Both Rockettes are becoming delightfully stripey and sleek, and the Wyandotte sisters are starting to look spotty and elegant all at once.

Mrs. Tweedy has a sort of "wet" looking head right now because of the way her feathers are growing in. It is very awkward and makes her look lizardy or even dinosaurish. Pot Pie is almost 100% adult feathered and she looks amazing. She also coos softly when you pick her up- very endearing.

Last but not least, the polish. I have no idea on their gender, but Matt and I have decided that they look like an unholy union between Albert Einstein and a Bald eagle. But smaller and freakier.

Pictures to come at a later date.

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