Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Profiles: Pot Pie

Pot Pie is the plumpest, sweetest, and least focused chicken. She is not curious and seems extremely cautious. She has a rather disconcerting beak-eye coordination problem that results in a total inability to snatch treats off a surface. This disability makes it very painful and fraught with peril to offer her something from your fingers- she grabs a little pinched bit of your flesh and pulls hard on it, thinking she had finally gotten what she wants. It hurts.

My mother astutely reminded me that Pot Pie was the chick that Mrs. Tweedy pecked in the eye, so she hypothesized that the eye pecking incident precipitated Pot Pie's apparent vision issue. It is also possible that Pot Pies awesome little cheek fluffs keep her from seeing below her beak, thus making it really, really hard for her to see what she wants to peck at.

Thank goodness Pot Pie just isn't that interested in treats. She's more interested in drinking water, staring off into space, avoiding new things, and clucking in the form of a question. She's the only chicken that has learned to cluck so far, and every cluck or coo that she emits is in the form of a question. I think she thinks she is on "Jeopardy!"

Alex: "These are the three favorite noises of six week old Americauna hens."
Pot Pie: "Cluck cluck? cluck? cluck? Coooooo? Squeee?"
Alex: "Correct!"

Last but not least, Pot Pie is Matt's favorite chicken. She is soft, beautiful and calm- Daddy's little hen.

Next profile... Mrs. Tweedy!

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