Saturday, April 7, 2007


We worked on the coop today in the gorgeous high 60's sunshine. We put in the fencing, gate, finished the staining on the henhouse, and generally did a bunch of yardwork. After we were done, we let the girls hang out in their sweet yard. The Polish chicks are still too little to go outside- they seem to be growing slower than the other breeds. Soon, though, they'll be big enough!

The Wyandotte girls (Zippy and Rosie) really liked taking dirt baths in the sunlight. After Zippy made a particularly wonderful dirt bath site, she let her sister Rosie share in the glory of it.

Lucky is totally fascinated by the chicks, and he continues to stare intently at them, and whine profusely, no matter what!

All the ladies of the Radwood Chicken Experience in the coop, so happy together!

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