Monday, April 16, 2007

So proud of my girls

Yesterday I put the final touches on the henhouse, including running the extension cord with a heatlamp into it, as well as putting mesh on the ventilation holes. Then I filled it with pine shavings, and added eight chickens.


The chicks were great, though. It got into the mid-twenties last night but the henhouse held its heat and in the morning, it was still in the mid-fifties inside their snug little house. They looked calm and happy. I was thrilled.

They can't hang out outside unsupervised yet because some of them (Beldar and Pria) still fit through the fence. Also, I don't have my anti-hawk meshing yet, so they would be too vulnerable to aerial assaults. This evening when I got home from work, I let them all out for a few hours while I read on the deck and watered the gardens. As dusk fell, and the robins started to sing, all the girls quietly started to gather in front of the open door to the lit, warm, henhouse. Would they go in? Are they becoming responsible young hens?

GASP. Littles Rockette decided it was time. She marched through the open door and settled deep into the soft shavings. Ahhhh... so warm. Bedtime. Everyone followed her lead, and I quietly crept up after them and shut the door.

My chicks are growing up so fast! It is bittersweet. It seems like only yesterday, they were like this;

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