Sunday, April 29, 2007

Profiles: Biggie Rockette

Biggie Rockette may be my favorite hen. She is plump, friendly, bold, and really funny to watch. She loves to come and hop up onto my lap and seems to enjoy being held.

Biggie (and Littles) are both really soft, attractive birds. Their feathers are a neat black and white striped color that makes them really look snazzy in a subtle way. Biggie in particular has always been a very outgoing hen- she runs right up to me whenever I go into the chicken pen and often pecks at my pant cuffs or shoe laces. In a nice way.

Biggie is expected to be a very good egg layer. The "Plymouth Barred Rock" is one of the oldest and best known egg laying breeds that originated in the USA. Her eggs will be either pale chocolate brown, or a pale pinky brown, and they are guaranteed to be quite large.

When the gate is open, Biggie likes to sneak past me and run out into the lawn. This is scary because I fear that Lucky will try to "retrieve" her. I try not to let her do this naughty breakout that she so enjoys, but she has made it out twice in the last week by sneaking past my feet when I'm busy carrying water or feed. Luckily, Lucky was inside both times (not a pure coincidence). Soon, the young hens will be big enough that I will be confident I can let them out with Lucky under close watch to teach Lucky that they are not to be messed with. He's learned that lesson with cats and babies, so I don't forsee chickens being all that different.

Because Biggie is bigger, bolder, and a little more red in the comb than Littles, I do still fear that she might possibly be a rooster. This is really unlikely but the proof will not come until she either crows (AAAAhh!!!) or lays an egg.

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Peggy said...

I love reading about your chickens! I hope you will continue with the chicken profiles as they mature. Still envious of your flock...