Monday, April 23, 2007

Profiles: Beldar

I've decided to profile each chicken in turn on the blog. I'll start with Beldar, one of the young Polish hens.

Beldar is rapidly becoming the most talked about chicken. While we all love Pot Pie for her quiet gentleness, cute clucking, and fuzzy little cheeks, Beldar is far and away the most bizarre conversation piece. Everyone marvels over her. She is a sight to behold, even at only five weeks old.

Beldar is a fearful, spastic young hen. She excels at running full speed into stationary objects like fences and rocks. On Sunday, Matt and I watched her run full speed, headlong, into the external wall of the coop. Her navigation skills may in fact be impaired by her amazing hairdo- there is no question that she has the poorest peripheral vision capabilities of all the chicks in the flock.

If she manages to survive in spite of herself, she'll lay medium size white eggs. Really, she won't need to justify her existence with edibles however. We like her just for comedic relief.

Next up: Pot Pie!

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