Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Coop progress is made

I worked on the henhouse this weekend- roofed, put up a wall, and expanded the brick patio to the southwest. In this photo, you can see the new spiffy roof, our "Recycle-chic" siding, and the patio. The wall is done in recycled cedar boards from our old fencing, and the skirting is done in the same re-used corrugated tin as the roofing. I bought the tin from the local recycled building materials place for a very good price. What is funny is that the artistically rusty stuff was TWICE the price of the gently used stuff that I bought. I guess a good rusty patina is hard to find!

In this one, you can see how the henhouse is positioned in relation to our house, the plum tree, and our deck. When I took this I was standing in my garden, where the tomatoes will be (come June).

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