Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Tomorrow's chick selection

Thursday morning Matt and I will be picking up three (possibly four) new chicks from the feed store! Yeah!

At least one will be a Barred Plymouth Rock , but there will also be Silver Laced Wyandottes available, and they are amazing looking hens. Isn't this one beautiful? Like living art!

Also available will be Golden Sex Links, a special crossbred chicken that has one color chick for males, and another for females. Very handy if you only want one gender chick! This drawing is from a hatchery website- I'm not sure how I feel about this breed.

We might opt for two Barred Rocks or two Wyandottes instead, Matt and I will have to talk about it. I think I like the idea of getting traditional breeds, rather than new hybrids. We'll see!

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