Sunday, March 25, 2007

I now have a chicken-owning compatriot

A good friend of mine that has been watching the blog, and the actual chicks, with increasing excitement and interest has finally broken down and gotten her own tiny flock! She bought a Rhode Island Red (like Mrs. Tweedy), a Barred Rock (like the Rockettes), a Golden Sex Link (like the chicks we decided not to get for no real reason) and a "Mystery" Bantam that has feathery feet.

A Bantam is a 1/2 size chicken. Her bantam is a pale hay-beige color and has very feathery feet, making it probably a "Buff Cochin." Only time will tell if this is an accurate guess.

My friend and her husband might get two more chicks next week. Exciting!

Interestingly, aside from both owing chickens, we also both have pregnant sisters named Jennifer, both are from New York, and both got married this past summer. Coincidence?


Anonymous said...

BIGGER B**bs NoW@@@ :)

Lots of *cluck* from your chicken-loving friends in T-eggs-as!!!

MissoulaChick said...

That better be Miss Kate! :)

Jennifer said...

It looks like that hen is wearing the type of boots that fashion people wear when they think they're too cool for UGGs.