Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Paranoia sets in

I'm becoming very paranoid that some of the chicks are roosters in disguise. The chance that one of my supposed female (called Pullet) chicks is actually a rooster is 1 in 10, and the chance that one of my polish chicks is a rooster is 1 in 2. This puts the reasonable laws of probability at; one polish rooster, and perhaps one rooster among the other girls.

I'm eyeing Rosie nervously these days. She has developed a little baby comb, which Wyandottes should not have at all. Does this mean she is a rooster? Does it mean she isn't purebred? I don't care if she is a "mutt," but I'll be sad if it turns out Rosie is actually a rooster. I can't eat her. No way.

And might I add- one of the Rockettes is distinctly more "butch" than the other. Biggie, as I call her, is plumper, taller, thicker through the legs and toes, more aggressive at grabbing treats, and a lot more curious. Does this mean she's a rooster? Eeeeek!!

As for the Polish- who knows? They are such weirdos. Pria is more curious, talkative and active while Beldar is a bit bigger, more shy, and maintains a more ridiculous hairdo. Beldar stubbed one of his little toes yesterday and it is all bruised up- so pitiful on a teeny weeny little punk chick.

Only time will tell. One thing we know, though. One of the chicks is gonna look like this;


V said...

Ruh roh. Yeah, I'd be worried about one or more of them being roosters, too. Of course, if you had one rooster, that means you could get some really cool mutt breeds of chicken. Are you sure you don't secretly really want that?

MissoulaChick said...

I'm sure I don't secretly want to keep a rooster. Roosters are loud and frequently aggressive. I will be sad when I figure out which are roosters- it is quite unlikely that I have all girls. Precisely a 13.25% chance, actually, of all girls. Much much more likely is that I have one rooster in the group.