Thursday, March 29, 2007

Give the people what they want

And I quote;

But I want more! More close-ups! More plumage! How about some frolicking?

You want frolicking? Pot Pie will show you frolicking!

She's a crazy chicken that looks the camera in the eye. She thinks that fresh grass on her feet is far, far less exciting than perching like a parrot on a pirate (yes, she hopped up there unexpectedly, all by herself. I was sitting on the grass at the time, taking photos of Mrs. Tweedy).

Other chicks travel in small packs, darting around in the sunlight (left to right Biggie, Zippy, Mrs. Tweedy). Some of them venture out on their own into unknown areas (Biggie Rockette) while others investigate the camera a bit more nervously (Rosie). And then some are good friend and don't like to be alone (Zippy and Tweedy).

Note: The smaller Rockette was feeling shy and didn't want to come out of the cage, while the Polish chicks are too small to venture out into the 60 degree sunshine (they are still babies and need a constant 85 degree tropical paradise).


Jennifer said...

Pot Pie is so big!
Thank you for the frolicking photos - they're so cute, all walking around in the grass together in their awkward not-a-chick,not-yet-a-hen stage.

Does Lucky watch the frolicking from the kitchen? Does he whine to join the fun?

MissoulaChick said...

Lucky is not ready to hang out with them. He watched everything from behind the safety of the screen door, and he whined prolifically throughout the entire outdoor frolicking fest.

The chicks are really quick and unpredictable, and I would hate for him to try to "retrieve" one for me... squished chick would result, I'm sure.