Thursday, March 15, 2007


I found out, via checking Matt's email for him (yes, he wants me to do this while he's away for work), that he got accepted into the Social Work program today. YEAH!! To celebrate his victory and his ethnic heritage, I bought two Polish chickens.

Waaait... what? Polish chickens?

YES! White crested polish chickens. They look like aliens- complete with distinct coneheads. I wanted to just buy one, seriously, but they don't come in sex-separated bins at the feedstore, so I bought two to make fairly sure that at least one is a hen.

I have named them Beldar and Pria (my nickname for Prymaat). If you haven't figured out why yet, then... well, google "Beldar Prymaat" and see what happens.

When they grow up, they will be profoundly ridiculous looking birds. Something to look forward to!

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