Thursday, March 1, 2007

The first two chicks are here

Yesterday I went to the feed store here in town and they kindly informed me that their chick delivery was going be to two days late, and thus I had another day of waiting ahead of me. Two days! Good god- those poor little chicks in their tiny cardboard shipping carton! And I'll never survive the wait!

So I dutifully set up my brooder (warm and safe chick living quarters) last night and tried not to loose sleep over my impending mother-hen-hood. After I got done with work today, I went to the feed store. OH MY.

There were about 200 little chicks, of four different breeds, running around in heater water troughs in the store. It was pandemonium of the chick kind. I spent a long time looking at the two breeds that were to my liking, and then I kidnapped one of each type. I tried to pick spunky, healthy little chicks but honestly- it was chaos.

Chick One; a Rhode Island Red. One of the oldest American chicken breeds- known for good egg laying, nice temperment, and the ability to withstand very cold weather. This chick is outrageously spunky. She can jump over six inches in the air already and peeps in a disgruntled fashion when you take her awkward little stripey 'sister' away. She likes to stand on my fingers like a little perch and isn't afraid to walk up into my hand for a nibble of chick pellets.

Chick Two; an Araucana. A relatively new chicken breed that originates in South America. They typically lay pale blue or pale green eggs- pretty nifty. This chick is shyer, and smaller. She likes to fall asleep in awkward positions that make me think she is dead. She is super cute with little chipmunk stripes.

They have settled into their brooder and aren't being nearly as loud as they were in the car or for the first hour or two. Both are drinking, eating, and pooping constantly. I have read that the life of a baby chicken is happiest when they can do those three things frequently and without interruption. Excellent.


V said...

So exciting and funny all at the same time! Kevin and I are THOROUGHLY entertained out here. ("And impressed," he says - though I'm not sure which part of this venture he's impressed with - probably all of it.)

Did you name them yet? I can't wait to see which one you call Noodle Soup. :)

Jennifer said...

Wooo! Go Rhode Island!
Harriet has also enjoyed reading your blog from the comfort of my lap. I think she echoes Oreo's sentiments - yum! I am drenched in kitty drool.

What was the name of the duck that we babysat from your kindergarten class? Molly? You should name a fluffy one after her.

MissoulaChick said...

I am trying to wait on names until Matt gets home. He was sad that he had to be out of town for the inaugaral chick pick-up so I'm hoping some naming rights will make him feel better.

So far- the best suggestions have been Noodle Soup, LaFawndah (for a black chicken, of course) and Foghorn.

Any other suggestions?