Thursday, March 8, 2007

New chicks have arrived

Matt and I drove over to the feed store this morning to get the best picks of the chicks. We were so excited to see all the little girls- all sorts of colors and sizes were there.

Last night I mentioned I thought we should get two Barred Rocks and two Silver Laced Wyandottes, and just skip the Golden Sex Links. Matt was a little surprised that we would get a total of six, but he agreed the traditional breeds could be more fun.

The chicks are hard to tell apart, but this one we've named Rosie. She is a Silver Laced Wyandotte. Her sister (yet unnamed) looks pretty much identical except Rosie has a little reddish stripe on her head, hence the name.

The other two new chicks are Barred Plymouth Rocks. These two are always moving, except when they are sleeping, and they are very delicate and dainty. I tried to get a good photo of one of the little Rocks but the one I picked completely thwarted me- she managed to poop, scream, fidget and run away all in the course of about thirty seconds. One of the Rocks has a single white blotch on her head, and the other one has two. Other than that, I can't tell them apart yet.


We have named the big bad Rhode Island Red, Chick one, "Mrs. Tweedy." That is the name of the villianous woman in the movie Chicken Run. In the movie, Mrs. Tweedy is trying to make all her chickens into chicken pies so that she can become wealthy. I think it is funny and ironic to name an actual chicken that name. Mrs. Tweedy the chicken is about three times the size of the little Rock girls, but they are miraculously getting along really well.

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