Sunday, March 4, 2007

I added a FAQ for my visitors

I've added a Frequently Asked Questions section at the bottom of the blog. If you have a question, you can add it to this post as a "comment" and if it has broad appeal, I'll add it to the FAQ.

By the way, chick two's eye suffered no lasting effects from chick one's assault. In contrast, chick one seems to have had some residual bad karma that expressed itself as chick diarrhea for much of the day Saturday. Eeeeeewww... I've been struggling to keep her fluffy little butt and the bin very clean and this morning she seems to be getting over it. Probably just stress.

Both chicks have abruptly starting growing little wing feathers- they are stubby and awkward and the chicks are incessantly preening at the feather's bases. It looks like an itchy process. Perhaps tomorrow I will post a photo of their budding wings.

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